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Neighborhood Stabilization Program--(NSP) Housing

River to Valley Initiatives Inc knows Housing Development --how neighborhoods can become assets to a community,  and how to help great people become home OWNERS

In Prairie du Chien, The NSP  restored an estimated $5,000,000 in tax base by rebuilding foreclosed and abandoned homes thus far for 18 new family  home buyers.   These homes were made livable and attractive--helping stabilize the neighborhood from further decay and deterioration, greatly increase the existing tax base, and provide needed housing for low to moderate income (LMI) home buyers.

Having safe and affordable housing is key to communities, and RVI's Judith Wall knows how to make these types of "win-win" projects happen. 

The knowledge base required to administer the Neighborhood Stabilization Grants (NSP)  is technical and broad in scope as it requires compliance with all federal and state regulations including environmental review, equal opportunity, voluntary acquisition, anti-lobbying, and Davis Bacon, and a well versed understanding of real estate markets, construction, and housing development.

In addition, Judith Wall has extensive experience in the Main Street Program statewide, capital campaign development, business development and recruitment, grant writing, and administration.  This skill set is key in comprehensive understanding at what it takes to help communities, starting with the foundation needed in attractive, affordable housing.