River to Valley to Valley Initiatives, Inc.

Your community CAN thrive with innovations in appealing affordable housing, 
connectivity, and creative business development


This 8.19-acre property fronts the bypass and has views of the great Mississippi River.

The area tourism spending of over $10 Million lends the business proposition of a successful residential stay, special event and spa development as the first right hand turn from Iowa. The traffic counts are good, and a business could build on area economics.

The rendering shows many possibilities, but final plans and property use restrictions have not been established.  Gas station and general store, extended learning, memory care, and multi levels of residential housing, single family downsizing, affordable and beautifully designed apartments.  

Contact River to Valley Initiatives, Inc. today so we can explore land development partnerships.

JD Milburn, VP 608-957-6080 [email protected] 

Julia Henley, President 608-792-9994 [email protected]

RVI building a quality development will create a lasting legacy for the citizens and support the history of the area

JD Milburn, Vice President, River to Valley Initiatives, Inc.

"Communities that allow neighborhoods to develop while considering amenities and a variety of well designed (great value, great aesthetics, low cost operations) housing together, results in healthy communities. Our goal with Wyalusing Commons is a planned neighborhood that is a pleasure to live within a healthy community filled with opportunity for entrepreneurship, recreation, and jobs.  Prairie du Chien has the potential to go even further in creating a great place to retire, start, or spend a lifetime as it goes into the future"

--Julia Henley, President, RVI